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Changing audiocard driver

Discussion: http://www.os2world.com/forum/index.php/topic,1366.msg13098.html#msg13098

* OS: ArcaOS, eComStation  / OS/2: NO
* thx Roderick
* eCo Software, H0603

Flash disk

How to prepare flash disk, how to resolve troubles

Homepage: http://ecomstation.ru/flashdisk

How to setup COM port?


How to accelerate Thinkpad X61, T61, R61, X300?

How to accelerate Thinkpad X61, T61, R61, X300 (activate SATA 2, etc)?

Install custom Middleton BIOS for Thinkpad X61, T61, R61, X300.

(Original forum/website is partially damaged) Download Middleton BIOS: http://www.ecoshop.biz/?action=review-0337

eCo Software recommends to OS/2 users upgrade BIOS and migrate to SSD disk.