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How do I resume interrupted installation?

eComStation 2.2:

run resume.cmd from \ecs\install\rsp

thx Alex Taylor, 2014/05/29

eComStation 1.2:

A: On eComStation 1.2, try to run resume.cmd script from \ECS\INSTALL\RSP\ on your hard drive. On eComStation 1.1, it all depends on exactly where the installation was interrupted, and your level of experience. In general, if you interrupted the installation process during phase 1, it's best to start over. NOTE: The steps listed below are *not* recommended for novice users. Please do not ask technical support to help with this process. When in doubt, you should start over. If you are satisfied with your previous boot choices and don't want to make any changes, reboot from the CD, and when the boot has completed, instead of continuing with the install, go to a command line (Shift-F3), and issue the command: x:\eCS\install\phase1.cmd (where x: is the destination drive) to restart the installation using previously selected options. However, you will have to reboot the machine after phase1.cmd finishes. After reboot, the installation will continue automatically. Alternatively, you can use the "Install via response file" method. That choice is disabled by default and can be enabled by hitting Ctrl-Alt-R and then you can click on Select file and select the file x:\ecs\installsp\ecsphas1.rsp. Click Next after that. The installation will continue using previously selected options. If using this method, the installer will auto-reboot at the end of phase 1.

If you interrupted the installation during phase 2, then you can either restart phase 2 again (by going to the command line and issue the command x:\eCS\install\phase2.cmd), or if you know the name of the "module" the installer was working on, you can start the installation from that function module. For instance, if you want to restart the installation from the point TCPIP and on, you would issue the command: x:\eCS\install\phase2.cmd TCPIP

If you are familiar with REXX, you can look into the file: x:\eCS\install\phase2.cmd to see the exact spelling of the name of all function modules. When in doubt, rerun the entire phase2.

Phase 3 is relatively short but if you really want to rerun phase 3, you can do so by issuing the command: x:\ecs\installsp\phase3.cmd

A-ENG-Adv-0159, 2008/01/19