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What size of system volume to select

  • MIN: 50 Gb - not enough
  • 100 Gb, 250 Gb - normal
  • MAX: restriction: 500 Gb
VER: eCS 2.0, 2.1, 2.2
thx: eCo Software

Does ArcaOS support NEW empty harddrives?

//Is it necessary prepare NEW harddrive using DFSee or other utilities? // Or ArcaOS is able to initialize, create the 1-st partition by itself?

A: ???

  1. 1701, thx eCo Software, H03

System can see part of disk only

// example: 1 Tb, OS/2 can see 512 Mb only.

No answers

  1. 1702, thx eCo Software, H03

Installing OS/2, Windows, FreeBSD and Linux to one harddrive