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How to boot to command line?

On system startup, at the beginning, when you see eCS**** (or OS/2****) Press Alt-F1 -> and select F2

thx e-co, 20141/11/11

Tools aimed to recover system

Reanimate (eCo Software) utility. Functions:

  • Reset video mode
  • Check disk
  • etc

Disk utilities:

  • JRescuer to save files from broken JFS volume
  • DFSee - universal disk utility

eComStation doesn't boot anymore (was working)

-06: eComStation doesn't boot anymore

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B-ENG-FIX-1027, 2008/06/16

How to get SMART information about harddrive?

Q-05: How to get SMART information about harddrive?

О: There is S.M.A.R.T. control utility in the package of Danis506 IDE driver.

B-ENG-FIX-1026, 2008/06/16

eComStation does not boot! What can be the reason?

Q-04: eComStation does not boot! What can be the reason?


  • Reboot OS. Do you still get the same problem?

When system starts booting, press Alt+F2 - you'll see the list of drivers that are loading. If boot stops on one of the drivers, try to disable it.

  • If you have installed new device driver, disable it

If you have installed new WPS extension, disable it

  • Error message SYS1475: The file OS2BOOT cannot be found.

OS2BOOT you might have accidently deleted from root directory of a boot disk. For HPFS and BootJFS - these files are different.

  • Check and fix your file system.

chkdsk x: /f System checks the drives upon boot automatically. If system freezes during this check, download from boot CD or other partition and run chkdsk.

  • If chkdsk x: /f does not help. If you have bootable JFS.

Trap 000e in JFS.IFS, boot from install CD with new eCS version. chkdsk x: /f, and also sysinstx e:

  • Make sure there's enough free space (at least 500MB - 1GB) on your system disk.
  • On Bootable JFS, trap RESOURCE.SYS - delete previous.dat

Trap on loading network driver or NETBIND - delete LANTRAN.LOG, boot from CD, run chkdsk x: /f

  • Stop before entering graphics mode.

Disconnect any USB storage devices.

  • I've booted into graphical mode. But there's no desktop.

Probably, there are large JPG files on desktop. Boot to command line and move them away from x:\Desktop directory (don't touch subdirectories). Boot again.

B-ENG-FIX-1027, 2008/06/26

When booting OS, chkdsk works for too long, reboots

Q-03: When booting OS, chkdsk works for too long, then system reboots.

A: There's not enough RAM to check the volume of this size and there's no virtual memory at this stage of booting. Boot from another volume or eCS CD1. Run: chkdsk x: /f

B-ENG-FIX-0535, 2008/01/19

Can't boot from bootable JFS volume (was working)

Q-02: Can't boot from bootable JFS volume.

A: This happens when you boot from a hard drive or CD containing old OS version.

  • to restore bootable JFS volume, boot from eComStation CD1 and run: chkdsk c: /f
  • to avoid damage to bootable JFS from old eCS or OS/2, copy JFS (ujfs.dll, jfs.ifs) to disks, containing old OS version.

B-ENG-FIX-0534, 2008/01/19

Can I use old CDs to repair eComStation 1.2?

Q-01: Can I use old CDs to repair eComStation 1.2?

A: To repair eComStation 1.2, use only eComStation 1.2 CDs. Old or custom CDs may damage bootable JFS.

B-ENG-FIX-0450, 2008/01/19

Desktop doesn't boot, Error in os2.ini

Graphical mode, MsgBox about os2*.ini http://ecomstation.ru/projects/ecsfaq/pics/repair/Broken-os2-ini.jpg

1) check the files:

  • x:\os2\os2.ini what is the size? 0 bytes? - it means that os2.ini was damaged (was not saved)

2) Check that bootable CD has free space,

  • < 1 Mb - means no free space
  • if you have 100 Mb or more - then you have enough free space

3) add to config.sys this line SET Desktop= .. (find details about this via google) boot again Check that directory x:\Desktop exists (russian version may use: x:\Рабочий стол)

4) try find backup copy:

  • look at this copies of os2.ini: x:\os2\os2.!!! x:\os2\os2.bak x:\os2\os2.xfl - if not empty then rename to os2.ini
  • try boot again

5) If previous steps don't help then recover the latest backup copy

  • if using DMT utility, then its copy
  • if standard system, then Alt-F1 on boot -> Recover the latest backup (by date)

Notes: desktop boots now but doesn't show your objects/icons

6) To prevent damage of desktop please use System Desktop Backup or DMT utility

thx: e-co, 2014/11/11