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  • [GPS USB] If implement support of USB GPS receivers, then PMMaps/2 may be updated and it will indicate the location of computer.

=> eCS may be used as car GPS tracker.

  • [OPENGL_ES] If implement OpenGL ES runtime, then several small games and apps based on OpenGL ES may be ported
  • [ENGINEER] If we have software aimed to draw and design curcuit schemes, then the engineers which are using this software,

will make something useful (write aux utilities and small apps)

  • [PC-resellers] If eCS can make N functions then small sellers of

computers will sell computers with eCS pre-installed. 2) If price of OEM version is small (chaper than Windows) then the resellers can use eCS as default system

  • [WPS-CopyMove] If improve navigation on desktop,

then users start using WPS (not only to lauch apps)

=> more Zippy users, 
=> more PCM address book users
  • [eCS-resellers] New people buy eCS for office needs if

we offer black boxes with 1 function (eCS computer which executes 1 important task).

  • [APPS-Photoshop] - If develop Photoshop, this will not change the situation.

0 designers. There reason to develop small utilities and apps (draw with stylus, edit photos), which cover the needs of existing users

  • IF we have working USB 2.0 drivers, then

it's possible to implement USB 3.0 drivers, then support for different USB devices may be implemented, control applications can be developed.