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Can I download the source code of OOo/2?

A: The source code of OpenOffice.org for eCS is located in the repository of Sun corporation, you can download it and build by yourself.

Q: Pause on start / long start

Check \mptn\bin\setup.cmd and check it has this line in it:

ifconfig lo

and then check \mptn\etc\hosts and check it has the following: localhost

It is looking for resolution for the Hostname you have defined in Config.sys. The fix is to, as Ed said, make sure that you have Localhost defined in the hostlist. I found that it also need another host defined that gave my HOSTNAME, defined in Config.sys, an IP address. In my case I have a fixed IP so I just defined the HOSTNAME, which was RC7A, as my local IP address. You could probably define it as 127,0,0,1 also. If you have an internet connection live, it should be satisfied with that without the other host definition. That was how we found the solution. With a live internet connection it would load quickly and very slowly without the live connection.

User: yes, that was it! I looked for the Hostname I gave in config.sys - in my caseit was wlan - and opened the host file in mptn/etc. Then added my fixed IP I gave the "NOnetwork adapter" and the name wlan. And now it works!

Q: Why OpenOffice.org is available by subscription only?


A: В других ОС за разработку/портирование платят корпорации. В eCS платят пользователи. Выбор простой: совсем нет OpenOffice.org или есть, но за него нужно платить каждый год, чтобы он обновлялся.


A: Probably your profile is corrupt. Simply rename ?:\home\default\OpenOffice.org to ?:\home\default\OpenOffice.bak (or something similar, or remove it) and restart. This should create a new and proper profile.

VER: OpenOffice 3.x

thx Joachim Benjamins